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InfoVista: Orchestrating Network Performance

Philippe Ozanian, CEO, InfoVistaPhilippe Ozanian, CEO Application abundance is the new normal within enterprises. Driven by the digital transformation of the enterprise into a “Digital Business”, this trend carries significant implications for networks today. CIOs and network managers are often struggling to satisfy the ever-increasing demands their customers and employees place on application performance. WAN optimization technology—a ‘secret sauce’ that compresses and optimizes applications across the WAN— is no longer enough to meet this challenge, especially for modern cloud-based applications unlike the applications of the last century. It is time to look deeper into how applications behave, and then employ high performance solutions that act in real-time to shape application flows, while leveraging multiple networks to improve user experience. InfoVista aptly calls it “Application Performance Orchestration.”

Headquartered in Ashburn, VA, InfoVista—a provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions— helps organizations meet the challenges of providing top-quality user experience (UX) while enhancing the capital efficiency of their network infrastructure. With the adoption of internet as the primary communication protocol for enterprises, InfoVista is offering products designed to align the performance of the network with business objectives. In 2015, the company acquired Ipanema Technologies, which delivers automated solutions to guarantee application performance across enterprises’ large and complex networks. The company’s approach to managing application performance on the WAN begins with defining performance criteria for every application on the network, which gives IT organizations the ability to align the network with true business objectives rather than arbitrary technical metrics. Once defined, InfoVista’s application control capability applies advanced traffic shaping and prioritization techniques at Layer 7 to achieve the desired performance so that the most critical applications perform optimally.

Evolution of WAN Optimization Market

With the WAN optimization market becoming mature, the technology that once defined the solutions has evolved into Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies. Ipanema combined with InfoVista’s existing Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions have allowed InfoVista to continue to evolve its enterprise product offerings into the growing SD-WAN market.

Our Ipanema solution brings SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN to new levels of performance by truly focusing on what really matters—the user experience

InfoVista is standing at the forefront of this evolution with its dynamic WAN selection (DWS) capability, a feature first introduced by Ipanema Technologies in 2009, coupled with advanced application visibility and control features. The strength of the DWS capability has allowed the Ipanema solution to deliver Hybrid WANs that dynamically respond to each user session on the network, which in turn optimizes the end user experience. “Our Ipanema solution brings SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN to new levels of performance by truly focusing on what really matters—the user experience,” says Philippe Ozanian, CEO, InfoVista, “It is why we define our solutions as Application Aware.”

For the channel, InfoVista has multiple options that help partners accelerate their time-to-market with Ipanema while reducing operational costs. With IpanemaGo, a cloud-based management solution, and zero-touch install capabilities, partners can launch the service faster, without having to spend upfront capital to procure the solution and train internal IT resources. Alternatively, partners can also deploy the multi-tenant management solution on-premise, helping them on-board new customers faster while accelerating revenues. With the International Data Corporation predicting more than 80 percent of new applications to be distributed via the cloud by 2017, InfoVista’s solution will offer new possibilities for channel partners to support Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN services for enterprises that are looking to optimize cloud-based application deployments.

As the WANs evolve from traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks to Hybrid WANs with MPLS and direct Internet connectivity at the branch endpoint, security is becoming more crucial for enterprises than before. While traditional approaches dictate adding more and more processing capability at the branch to handle robust threat management, InfoVista found a more elegant solution by integrating with Zscaler, the internet security company, and leveraging the power of the cloud to handle endpoint network security. With Zscaler, InfoVista is now able to offer a complete and robust security solution to any enterprise adding direct internet connectivity to their WAN while minimizing risk of breaches without any additional costly hardware attached to the branch. The cost-effective appliances from InfoVista establish a direct tunnel to Zscaler, channelling the internet bound traffic to their secure gateways, where the power of massive cloud processing can check for malicious attacks and block it before it happens.
Coupled with IpanemaGO, this approach truly delivers a rapid deployment of secure hybrid WANs for any enterprise.

Unparalleled Level of Service

“We work with enterprise customers in whatever way is best suited to them, which ultimately results in a long lasting and successful relationship. I believe industry analysts agree with our approach and we see this reflected, for instance, with Gartner placing us in the Visionary quadrant of their WAN Optimization Magic Quadrant for six straight years!” expresses Ozanian. He narrates the case of SEB Group, a key market player in small appliances that set up an international IT Systems Department tasked with supporting the Group’s international development. In order to streamline cooperation between the various Group entities on a global level and also reduce telecom costs, the IT Systems Department decided to implement a Product Lifecycle Management tool, centralize its messaging system and introduce video conferencing via the Skype for Business suite. To ensure the success of these operations, it is vital that users are provided with flawless quality of service, and hence for its new SEBNET network, the SEB Group chose InfoVista’s Ipanema technology. Using InfoVista’s solution, the SEB Group was able to regain control of its new applications and ensure business continuity, while managing the explosion in traffic and the growing complexity of orchestrating large networks and process—all with reduced costs.

"InfoVista carries in its heart the mission to offer an agile and cost-effective SD-WAN solution to enterprises without compromising on the application performance"

The key areas that set InfoVista apart from other players are its focus on application performance and the flexibility it offers through its solutions. “Our solution is strongly focused on features that improve, maintain, and ensure uncompromised application performance in an easy to use platform,” states Ozanian. The uniqueness lies in the way the company treats each application session exclusively against the performance criteria the enterprise IT user has defined in the system. Also, with both on-premise and cloud-based options available for enterprises, along with the right channel partners to implement the solution, InfoVista portrays significant flexibility in serving an enterprise’s needs.

InfoVista plans to continue strengthening its market presence in the areas of application visibility and control, and hybrid WAN support with its dynamic WAN selection capabilities. “We need to constantly take care of new applications—everything that is accessed via the internet and the cloud. Also, as we are user-centric, we want to offer our value proposition as close as possible to the end users,” concludes Ozanian. The company is preparing to announce new innovative solutions that will embrace both of these aspects. With the mission to offer an agile and cost-effective SD-WAN solution to enterprises, InfoVista is confident in helping enterprises ride the application performance wave.
- Syeda Tina Tabin
    December 06, 2016