Array Networks: Preventing Network Attacks with WAN Optimization and Secure Access

Michael Zhao President & CEO, Array NetworksMichael Zhao President & CEO
Enterprises implementing WAN infrastructure may have at some point faced constraints with regards to latency and bandwidth which ultimately leads to performance issues. WAN optimization aka WAN acceleration involves techniques to counteract such issues. “For data center architects, WAN optimization provides a proven means to ensure external influences do not hamstring data center efficiency and application performance,” says Michael Zhao, President and CEO, Array Networks. Founded in 2000 and head quartered in Milpitas, CA; the company has presence in over 10 countries.

According to Array Networks, WAN Optimization is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes networks and applications work; its flagship WAN optimization controllers, the Array aCelera offerings leverages optimization measures such as stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instance store, traffic prioritization and network, application and TCP optimizations. “Our application delivery WAN optimization and secure access solutions provide the tools essential to maintaining a seamless end-user experience while simultaneously preventing attacks and data leakage,” explains Shibu Paul, Regional Sales Director – India, ME and SEA at Array Networks. The company claims its virtual and physical aCelera offerings improves response times by more than fifty times and reduces bandwidth utilization by 95 percent.

The aCelera product line includes the aCelera VA, a virtual WAN optimization controller that runs on virtualized servers and VMware hypervisors to flexibly enable on-demand, full-featured application and data acceleration. aCelera Windows and aCelera Mobile are the software offerings that runs Microsoft Windows Server and 7 respectively. The latter is designed to enable optimization between remote and mobile devices and aCelera solutions running in the corporate data center or the cloud. The aCelera CMS for configuration management available for windows environments provides IT administrators with an easy-to-use solution for centralizing provisioning, management and policy configuration for any WAN Series physical appliance, aCelera virtual appliance or aCelera software product.

Our load balancing, acceleration and security solutions are simple yet powerful and scalable yet cost-effective, and deliver the reliability, flexibility and advanced features essential in today’s dynamic network environments

Zhao throws light upon a case scenario where in a global insurance company based in the U.K sought to accelerate SharePoint content for more than fifty business units worldwide whilst reducing complexity and logistics for rolling out new applications and services with minimal change to network and hardware. Array Networks was able to handle this challenge by deploying aCelera WAN optimization virtual appliance in a very short time frame without the need to ship boxes or deploy technicians around the world. Additionally, aCelera offered the option installing on Windows Server in branches where virtualization was nonexistent. In effect, the aCelera virtual appliance added to an existing infrastructure, was more than $5 million less expensive over five years than the competing solutions. Array network was also chosen in part for the viability of aCelera’s security capabilities, which do not move, replicate or store any of the clients key enterprise data outside their data centers.

Array Networks boasts over 5,000 worldwide customer deployments win its fifteen years span of proven reliability, industry leading price and performance and an unmatched reputation for customer service and support. The company also has a robust partner network of both channel and technology partner that ensure a deeper penetration into market whilst being able to offer customized solutions. Application Delivery Controllers, Secure Access Gateways, and Web Application Firewalls are among the other product offerings of the company. “Our load balancing, acceleration, and security solutions are simple yet powerful and scalable yet cost-effective, and deliver the reliability, flexibility and advanced features essential in today’s dynamic network environments,” Concludes Zhao.